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Personal information protection policy

[Motor Magazine Ltd. Privacy Policy]

We, for personal information that has been provided from everyone, and recognizes the importance, by compliance with the Act on the Protection and related laws and regulations, with the aim of proper collection, use and safety management of personal information, the following I am working on the matter.

1. With defining the rules for the protection of personal information, and we strive to protect personal information that we handle.
2. With regard to the collection of personal information, pre-announce its purpose, we have carried out by appropriate way.
3. Personal information you provide is, if you have the consent from the person in question, if based on the laws and regulations, if there is a valid reason, in advance if you have your description (below, of personal information to a third party disclosure, reference) was removed, it does not provide to any third party.
4. Falsification of personal information, leakage, recognizes the danger of such unauthorized access, and take the safety measures.
Also, if you have problems, you properly and promptly will deal.
5. For our retained personal data, from the person in question was you provide that information, if you have received a request for disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension, properly will respond within a reasonable range.
6. Take the necessary measures for the protection of personal information, review on an ongoing basis.

[About the handling of personal information]

1. About personal information purposes
For it you provide personal information purposes, and are described respectively in the corresponding page on our web site or our issue magazine. Personal information you provide, except if you have your explanation in advance, do not be used for other purposes that are described in the appropriate page.

2. Disclosure to personal data to third parties
The Company, except for the cases listed from the following (1) to (7), will not provide the received personal information to a third party.
(1) Within the range necessary to achieve the purpose of collection, if you want to entrust the personal information processing to business partners in the contractual relationship.
(2) In order to dispatch your various materials had you claim than himself, if I am allowed to disclose any information as necessary to business partners or materials publisher involved.
(3) For the winning product or gift of shipping in sweepstakes planning, etc., if I am allowed to disclose any information as necessary to gift provider or shipping trader.
(4) For the shipment of the product in the mail order, the manufacturer, if I am allowed to disclose any information as necessary to dealer or shipping trader.
(5) Your provision of services of guidance, support information, to provide a variety of information, if I am allowed to disclose any information as necessary to business partners involved.
(6) If the paid services and communications sales to Company’s operations, where I am a payment method or payment status of the person in question for us to confirm, to query the relevant agencies.
(7) When collecting personal information, if you have explicit provision to advance a third party.

3. Security
This site, SSL for security ensure when collecting personal information (Secure Socket layer: security features to communicate by encrypting the information on the Internet) by to protect the personal information.

4. Disclaimer
Viewing and use of this web site, you shall be carried out in your own responsibility those who become available.
View or concerning trouble damage, loss, etc. caused by the use of this web site, the Company does not assume any responsibility. In addition, although our website you might have set a link to another web site, for the handling of personal information in the link, please check yourself at the Linked Sites.

5. change
Our privacy policy, you may be changed at any time by changing or continuing review of the business and service content. All changes will be announced on this page.